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Personalized Therapeutic Massage Session
You will receive a customized blend of massage styles to relieve tension and pain while relaxing both mind and body, based on a pre-session discussion about your current and past pain issues, injuries, and treatment goals. I may integrate a few hot stones or steamed towels (maybe both!) into your massage as luxurious, no-cost add-ons. Cupping and topicals such as Biofreeze or Deep Blue also are available upon request at no charge.



Swedish Relaxation Massage
A deeply relaxing massage that incorporates long slow strokes, compression, friction, vibration and petrissage. This massage induces the body into a state of relaxation, decreases stress, and relieves muscle tension while stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Pressure may be light to extra firm, but the techniques that make this massage so effective at relaxation are the same.

Deep Tissue Massage
Working with deep layers of tissue - not just deep pressure - this type of massage targets specific muscles or muscle groups to rectify the root cause of pain. Deep tissue work is designed to deliver long-term relief of chronic tension, increase range of motion, facilitate injury rehabilitation and help the body heal from repetitive strain injuries. 

Trigger Point Massage
A trigger point is a tight area in muscle tissue that causes chronic local or referred pain, muscle weakness, decreased flexibility or muscle spasms. This type of massage uses compression, manual massage or stretching to help relieve chronic muscle tension, migraines, tension headaches and repetitive motion strain. Because the massage addresses painful areas in muscle tissue, it can be uncomfortable, therefore this type of massage requires more communication between therapist and client. I work with you to find the pressure that is both therapeutic and tolerable. To be most effective, this therapy requires a commitment to an ongoing treatment plan.

Myofascial Massage
This type of massage is designed to release restrictions in connective tissue (fascia) throughout the body, leaving tissues softer and more pliable with greater mobility.

Massage Cupping is a modern adaptation of the ancient art of cupping therapy. Cupping is a vacuum type massage technique performed with handheld cups. Placing suction cups on the body creates a partial vacuum to reduce tension on the skin and tissues underneath. By creating suction and vacuum pressure, it can soften tight muscles and tone, loosen adhesions and lift up restrictive connective tissues. The specific technique brings hydration and blood flow to the body's tissues. 



30 minutes – $50
45 minutes – $65
60 minutes – $80
75 minutes – $95
90 minutes – $110


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