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"Dee is so great, she always gives a great massage!
So relaxing even when it's a deep tissue massage.
She's professional and knows what she's doing,
I highly recommend her!" Carly B. - 9/2017  MassageBook

I walked into this cute little house on 2nd street,
I sat down on one of the chairs in the lobby area and
almost immediately, Dee came out to greet me with a smile.
The surroundings were clean and comfortable andI
felt really good about my choice to try Dee. When she was
ready for me, she walked me into a tastefully decorated room
with tranquil music, a little water fountain and best of all a fan
(that she would turn on when the massage started)
that gave me that white noise that I so desperately need when
I am trying to relax (I hope she always has a fan). We both sat and
talked about my reasons for seeking her Massage Therapy out,
she listened and best of all, as I was to find out later, she heard me.
For about 75 minutes, Dee worked on my many trouble spots that I
had mentioned and also the rest of me and that just simply felt wonderful.
As my budget allows I will definitely be going back to Dee, she is easy
to talk to, makes you feel comfortable, her rates are affordable and
you will definitely feel relaxed upon arrival and departure.
Don't hesitate about going to her, you will be thankful you gave her a try.
Crystal K. - 8/2017 MassageBook

"Dee is so intuitive about the amount of pressure to use.
Very strong hands but always knows when to ease off on tender areas.
My favorite massage therapist for several years now!"
Gayle K. - 12/2017 MassageBook

"I made a last minute appointment with Dee and it was a great choice!
Her massage room is very comforting and relaxing, the atmosphere
put me to ease.  Prior to the massage, we discussed areas of my body
that needed the most work and she listened to my concerns regarding
my muscular issues. She was thorough and explained to me what
she planned to focus on and made sure that was something I would be
interested in. She checked in with me several times to make sure I wasn't
the massage was at a comfortable level, I even fell asleep at the end.  
Overall, it was a great experience and as a first timer, I received a discount.
 I would definitely go back to her again."
Alabama W. - 12/2016 YELP

"I love Dee's work. She has great intuition and always
gives a focused and thorough massage. Very skillful!"
Angela J. - 12/2016 MassageBook

"Dee is incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable.
She is great at real deep tissue massage and trigger points.
On Mondays the salon is closed, so the building is very quiet and welcoming."
Kelly H. - 12/2016 MassageBook

"You were wonderful. Thank you so much for the time that you devoted to relaxing my body.
You made me feel at ease with your gentle and friendly manner. As a visitor from out of state,
I was very pleased to have the opportunity to treat myself to a massage."
Margaret C. - 11/2016 MassageBook

"Dee is a very skillful and attentive therapist; asking questions
that allow her to give a massage that will fulfill my current needs.
She creates a very professional yet homey and relaxing space where
I am able to disconnect from the day to day grind and focus on my
well being. This is a new space for her practice. It is a comfortable
and welcoming room and I'm looking forward to seeing how she
makes this space her own."
Day H. - 11/2016 MassageBook

"Dee sure found those sore spots today and helped relieve the tension in my
tight muscles. Dee listens and applies her knowledge to truly address body issues.
Left feeling really relaxed! Thank you so much Dee!"
Anonymous. - 11/2016 Square

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